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P2020 Project


Project Name | The International Dynamics of an expanding company


Project code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-021374


Main Objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises


Region of intervention | North


Beneficiary | Dinâmica Virtual Serviços de Engenharia Lda.


Date of approval | 02-16-2017


Start date | 01-01-2017


End date | 12/31/2018


Total eligible cost | EUR 134,313.78


Financial support from the European Union | FEDER - 60,441.20 EUR


Project description:

The Dinamica Virtual wishes that innovation can be a daily reality for all organizations. With the present internationalization project, it aims at a market extension approach, thus providing penetration in 11 other markets. (Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Netherlands and United Kingdom ).
At the level of the strategic objectives associated with this project, the following were identified, among others:
- Dissemination of a business project with a strong component of innovation and technological development;
- To benefit from the high growth potential associated with certain external markets;
- Establishment of strategic partnerships with the largest national construction companies with presence in foreign markets;
- Expansion of the human capital structure;
- Increase of turnover in America, Middle East and Europe.
In order to put into practice the project, Dinâmica Virtual plans to develop actions within the following types of operation:
- Knowledge of foreign markets by attending international fairs as an exhibitor, with the objective of obtaining information about the markets and creating contacts with potential clients;
- Presence on the web, through the digital economy, namely with the development of a trilingual website and bet on digital marketing;
- Prospecting and presence in international markets with prospective trips to the target markets (Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic) and visits to fairs where Potential clients (Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates);
- International Marketing through the development of a promotional video;
- Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices or external relations, namely the hiring of a highly qualified technical staff with tasks related to the internationalization project, budgeting and contact with new clients in external markets.




LTA - Automatic Transfer Line

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