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AMT - Semi-Automatic machine for articulations assembly

This semi-automatic machine executes the assembly operation of the articulations in the ladder of a multipurpose ladder. The housing assures a correct positioning of the ladder and the articulations. The hydraulic cylinders are responsible for a correct and smooth assembly of all parts.



- Housing developed specific for the sample
- Limit position adjustment
- Table for multi-purpose ladder assembly operation
- Operated by manual valve



- Cycle time: 5 seconds

- Profile section: 50x20x1.2 up to 70x20x1.5

- Power: 0.75 kW
- Voltage: 400 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
- Hydraulic unit (integrated) : 120 bar
- Dimensions: 1800x700x900




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LTA - Automatic Transfer Line

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