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LPM - Automatic ladder production machine

This machine executes automatically the production of parallel ladders. It combines the advantages of reduced cycle times together with high output quality, in a single automatic equipment.



- Complete solution for ladders
- Punch the rung holes
- Rung insertion
- Rung expanding
- Rung riveting
- Crimping pads



- Cycle time: Approximately 20 seconds/meter.
- Profile section (mm): 50x20x1.2 up to 90x30x1.5
- Profile length (mm): 1000 up to 6000

- Power: 17kW

- Voltage: 400V, 3 Phase, 50hz

- Hydraulic pressure: 160 bar

- Pneumatic pressure: 6bar

- Dimensions: 12500 x 2600 x 1700



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LTA - Automatic Transfer Line

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