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Ready to delivery

Ready to delivery.

Quality control

New solutions for quality control in production process. 

New challenges

New challenges

LPM-S New video

LPM-S – Semi automatic ladder production machine

Hydraulic press PH15, PH25, PH40 and PH60

Hydraulic press from 15 up to 60 Ton. Easy to use, flexible stroke adjustment and quick setup for...

SRM Plus

SRM Plus - Automatic machine for profile punching and cutting

Exporting machinery worldwide

Exporting machinery worldwide.

PHF single

PHF - Single head hydraulic press  

RCT - Tubular rivet crimping

Ready for packing and shipping for Russia!

RCM - Automatic rung cutting machine

Automatic rung cutting machine for ladders and stepladders

Automatic scaffolding and mobile towers production...

Fast and high quality production method.

Extra large LPM-S

Extra large special LPM-S machine with capability up to 1800mm wide. Application for ladder, mobile...