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Dinâmica makes new test equipment expedition.

Dinâmica makes new testing equipment expedition, this time for Poland. 

Dinâmica opens new markets

Dinâmica opens new markets in Poland and Slovakia

Dinâmica Engenharia -- New Challenges!

Dinâmica sets new goals!

Dinâmica opens news markets

Dinâmica opens news markets in Spain, Greece and Italy.

DTE - Durability test equipament

The Dinamica presents its latest upgrade to its testing machine DTE.

Botafogo company launches a new ladder model

Botafogo launches new extensive ladder model in the Brazilian market.

Visit to The Internationale Eisenwarenmesse Koln F...

The Dinamica company has visited the Internationale Eisenwarenmesse Koln Fair.

Begining the year with a big shipping

Begining the year with a big shipping to Brazil!

Happy New Year

The Dinamica team wishes a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

The Dinamica team wishes all customers, suppliers and friends a Holy Christmas!

Dinâmica exports machines to a new market.

Dinâmica exports to the french market ladder production machines.

Dinâmica launches innovative industrial solution

The Dinâmica launches a new automatic transfer line - LTA to produce tubes with various...