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LTA - Automatic transfer line | 2018-03-05

LTA - Automatic transfer line



LTA - Automatic transfer line for production of automotive parts. Operations of external tapping in shaft.




- Automatic gravity feeding;

- Double head pick and place to transfer the part along the several stations;

- Double head external tapping unit (for the production of 2 parts simultaneously with configurable tapping depth by HMI;

- Tapping machine for M4 up to M10 and several different pitch;

- Automatic extraction;

- Prepared for multiple shaft configurations;

- Production cycle time depending on pitch and depth values. For M4x0,75 and depht 32 mm takes 26 seconds.

- Machine concept for drilling or tapping (Internal or external)



- Parts or components that require drilling or/and tapping operations for the automotive or general industry.


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