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STEP - Sistema de Translacção e Elevação de Pessoas | 2013-05-15

STEP - Sistema de Translacção e Elevação de Pessoas



The only proprietary system in the world, designed for vertical works,  that allow horizontal and vertical movements mandated through a remote control. Find out more about this product on youtube through the links "STEP 1" or "STEP 2" or also in our website, on VIDEOS section.




STEP was created to improve productivity, eficiency and security levels on vertical works. Reducing personnel cost and improving the time of execution. There 8 different STEP models: NO LIMITS, 4TWO, CLIMBER, WIND, ENERGY, OFS, HOME e IND. Each model was developed to improve eficiency on vertical works, buildings, garners, wind towers or even on an oil rig.



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