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LTA - Automatic Transfer Line

This fully automatic machine processes different  tube dimensions, performing feeding operations, cutting, orientation, rotation, handling, drilling, bending. This machine can be used in various industries. It is characterized by its versatility, in terms of integration or removal of stages, thus going against the specific needs of each client.



- HMI for programming and control

- Fully automatic solution

- Tube holes through punching

- Tube position detection through artificial vision

- Tube rotation.

- Tube displacement by servo motor controlled grippers.

- Tube bending by internal mandrel

- Possibility of changing stages (customizable)



- Aluminium / steel ladders

- Scaffolding

- Satellite dishes support

- Tubular stands

- Bicycles

- Ironing boards

- Cloth dryers

- Towel radiators

- Others




- Profile section (mm): to be defined by the client

- Profile length: to be defined

- Cycle Time: 8.5 seconds

- Power: 13 kW

- Voltage: 400 V, 3 Phase,  50Hz

- Hydraulic pressure: 150 bar

- Pneumatic pressure: 6 bar

- Dimensions: 7050mm (L) x 3100mm (W) x 1900mm(H)