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EMA - Semi-Automatic expansion machine for aluminium profile

This machine executes the expansion operation of rungs inside the profile of ladders. The width dimension of the ladder to produce can be adjusted automatically to the product.



 -Double expansion head

 -Expansion head with automatic lubrication

 -Processing of parallel ladders

 -Small setup time


Technical data:

 -Profile section: 50x20x1.2 up to 80x25x1.5 mm

 -Rung type: Square: 25 to 30 x 1.2 mm

   Note: All dimensions customizable upon request


 -Cycle time: 4 second for rung

 -Power: 2.5 kW

 -Voltage: 400 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

 -Hydraulic unit (integrated): 120 Bar  

- Dimensions: 2665x1250x1250