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LPM-S - Semi-automatic ladder production machine


This machine is presented as a flexible solution once it is prepared to produce ladders in several lengths and widths using different pitches. This equipment performs expansion and orbital riveting operations. It requires a pre assembly ladder input by infeed conveyor. Ladders movement is made by pneumatic system to the outfeed conveyor.



- Infeed conveyor for pre-assembled ladder and outfeed conveyor;
- Internal rung expansion;
- Orbital rung riveting;
- Automatic movement by pneumatic system;
- Possibility to change pitch;
- Possibility to adjust width;

- Safety grid in infeed and outfeed areas to increase safety;

- Controled by HMI.


Technical data:

- Profile section: 58x25mm, 59x30mm, 78x25mm and 95x25mm  (Customizable)

- Ladders width: From 300mm to 600mm (Customizable)

- Power: 10 kW

- Voltage: 400 V, 3Phase, 50 Hz

- Hydraulic pressure: 130 bar

- Pneumatic pressure: 6 bar

- Dimensions: 13200mm x 2395mm x 2125mm

- Cycle time: 6 to 7 seconds / rung