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MAQ - Automatic tube chamfer machine


The machine presented executes internal and external chamfering in both extremities of the tube.



- Automatic tube feeding
- Tube length measurement (Precision of 0,1 mm).
- Automatic internal and external chamfer on both extremities.
- Vacuum suction system to remove scrap.
- Cleaning station to remove internal.
- Cycle time 5 seconds per unit.
- Equipment capable of processing tubes from 120mm up to 1500 mm.
- Automatic tube length adjustment by HMI.

- Capable for aluminium and steel tubes with different diameter and thickness.



- Automotive industry, metalworking or general industry where tube chamfering is required.

Technical information:

- Tube diameter (mm): (Customizable)
- Tube length: from 120mm up to 1500mm
- Power: 11,5 kW
- Voltage: 400 V, 3Phase, 50 Hz
- Pneumatic pressure: 6 bar
- Dimensions: 3350mm x 2579mm x 2336mm
- Cycle time: 5 seconds / tube