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RMA - Semi-automatic riveting machine for aluminium profile

This machine executes the riveting operation of rungs in ladders and stepladders. The width dimension of the ladder to produce can be adjusted automatically to the product.

It has 2 working options, for parallel and non-parallel ladders. In this last case the machine increase the width dimension (step by step) automatically to allow the complete processing of a non-parallel ladder.



- Double riveting of rung;
- Riveting head for different shapes of rung;
- Processing of parallel ladders;
- Processing of non-parallel laders and stepladers;
- Automatic width increase form "next" step;


Technical data:

- Profile section (mm): 50x20x1.2 up to 70x20x1.5
- Rungs type:

Square: 25 to 30 x 1,2 mm

Circular: Ø12 up to Ø30 x 1,2 mm


- Cycle time: 4 seconds for rung
- Power: 10 kW
- Voltage: 400 V, 3Phase, 50 Hz
- Hydraulic unit (integrated): 120 bar
- Dimensions: 2665x1250x1250 mm